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Today I wanted to share with you a few pictures from another beautiful wedding I had the honor to be a part off.

Wedding took place in Reading, PA  at the Beverly Hills Tavern.

Photography was taken by Tania from Ama Photography.





I am a bit late a posting this amazing wedding.  The wedding took place at The Hotel Hershey in Hershey PA.

Photography was done by Matthew Tennison.

It was such a beautiful day and everyone was so happy and excited.

I had the honor to work with the beautiful bride and her bridal party, including he mom and mother in law, Oh and lets not forget the handsome groom.  This couple was so nice and very in-love.  I was so happy to have been a small part of Katie’s special day.

I provided on location airbrush makeup services to the ladies.

Below I will share the amazing pictures capture by Matthew Tennison.  Be sure to stop by his website.





















I have been searching for a skin care line for the last couple of month that I can recommend to my clients.  I am a freelance makeup artist, and a lot of times my clients come to me with no real skincare regimen and they always ask me for recommendations.

In my research I was trying to go with a line that specialized in skincare and that was natural.    Eventually I stumbled upon Vivid MD Skincare.

Vivid MD Skincare was originally created for patients undergoing chemotherapy.  Michelle the founder wanted to create a line that was natural without all the harsh ingredients found in many products that have been linked to some cancer.

The line is paraben free, contains no artificial preservatives, dyes, perfumes and the packaging is made off 100% recyclable.

I started using the products on April 1, 2013.  I have been using them now for about 10 weeks.  I also gave my mother a set to use (cleanser and moisturizer).  My mother is 55 years old and just like he daughter, we are skincare/makeup junkies.

My mother loves the products and she has tried a lot of them.  Her input was that they felt nice, have a very clean kind of scent and the skin feels clean and fresh after using them.

My experience was basically the same.  My skin feels smooth, clean and fresh and I don’t feel like I have to use tons of products to achieve the main result, clean, moisturized, healthy skin.

I used the Purifying Whipped Cleanser, Clear Skin Toner, and Balancing Moisture Cream.

Here is a link to the ingredients and also some more information about the line.  Products

I can’t say enough about the products and I will soon be caring the line on my website.  When you can, stop by their website.  You will find tremendous information and best of all, they are so nice at getting back to you with any questions you may have regarding the products.

Visit Website

balancing moisture cream Clear skin toner whipped cleanser

Today I get to share with everyone one of my recent brides, Kristen.  I went to Kristen’s home in Douglassville, PA.  It was such a beautiful day.
She was so sweet and I loved everyone in her bridal party.

I was very happy with her makeup and all the beautiful details of her wedding.  Kristen decided to go with airbrush and so did the other ladies in the bridal party. Everyone looked stunning and they were very happy.

I was very excited  to get to work with Kristen.  I had never worked with her photographer but knew of him and followed their work on facebook.  Needless to say, I finally got work with the amazing photographers of Hoffer Photography. Please check out the amazing website they have at  Hoffer Photography.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did.  It was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding.


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Today I want to share a few amazing pictures from a wedding I did 11/10/12.  

Nichole was such a great client to work with.  She was having a very small intimate wedding and its started with only her and by the day off, we worked with her lovely sister and mom.  My team and I provided wedding makeup services and hairstyling for all of them.  I also did a small tattoo cover up for Nichole wish I was very proud off.    

Photography was done by Dan Graybill Photography.  Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for great wedding photography.  I’ve had the honor of working with them on a few weddings and the pictures always look great but what I love the most is how approachable they are.  Dan and his wife Sunny are genuinely so nice. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  These were taken in downtown Lancaster, PA and at the Lancaster Arts Hotel Lancaster, PA

Today I was very excited to share some beautiful wedding pictures from one of my recent clients.
It was a beautiful day and I provided services on location to the bride Brittany and her brides maids. I went to the beautiful Yorktown Hotel in York, PA.
Photography by Brian Virts
Images were taken at the Yorktown Hotel in York, Pa and also at the York Country Club.

I really love to see how all things come together and when my clients trust me when I tell them that they will need to wear more makeup than they normally would wear and it will not show that way in pictures :)

I love my job as a makeup artist and am very thankful to be a small part of their special day and appreciate so much when they share images with me.

I am very excited to get my hands on these.  I see a few of these are already sold out. 

I am not a nail polish girl so I didn’t bother getting those. 

These are the 2 blushes

The pinky one is called Teh perfect Cheek and the Peachy tone to the right is called Legendary

These are the lipstick boxes.

I only decided to get 3 lipsticks of this collection.

These Lipsticks from the Marilyn Monroe Collection are very pretty.

From the left you have Scarlet Ibis which is a matte and it reminds me off Russian Red a bit, Love Goddess is also a matte and it looks on the tube more like a blue red but once I swatched it, it has a berry color to it. Pure Zen is a nude and it really reminds me of MAC’s Shy girl.
Below is a light swatch on my hand

I didnt get any of the eye shadows. I just have enough and I am not a fan of frost shadows.

I also got the lipglass in Phiff and the lip pencil in Beet.
I will have to try them out and get some swatches of these.
Overall, I am not a fan of all the collections, however I did really want to check this one out as in the past I have regreated at least not checking the collections.

Hope you enjoy.
Hasta Luego…

Today I am happy to share with you a recent wedding.
I had the pleasure of working with Fallon, not only a beautiful bride but a very warm and breathtaking person.
Pictures were captured by the amazing Artistic Difference Photography team.
I’ve had a few brides in the past and some in the near future that are using them and I am always pleased to see the pictures.
This beautiful wedding took place 9/2/12 at the lovely Yorktown Hotel in York, PA. Makeup done by my lovely assistant Nath and I. 

Please enjoy the pictures as much as I did.

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to share a recent wedding. Wedding was at the Lancaster Host Hotel. I provided airbrush makeup services to the bride, mob, mog and her lovely sister. I had a great time working with Katie and her family. I knew from our trial session that she and I would get along so well. She has such a beautiful personality.

Unfortunately the rain started in the early morning so the plans of the outside wedding were moved inside. However this bride didn’t let that stop her for marrying her soul mate and having a great time!
Photos provided by: Frank King Photography

Hello everyone,

I am a little behind on posting. I promise I will get on it as soon as I can. I have some recent hauls that certainly deserve some swatches and reviews.

This weekend while in Philadelphia, I stopped by the King of Prussia Mall. Of course I had to stop in by the MAC Cosmetics store.

I picked up a few goodies and saw they have a new palette.
See the pictures below.

I was excited to see these since I pretty much got rid of all my mac palettes and converted to the z palette. I have not yet figured out how many shadows I can fit in these but so far they look nice.

You can also buy the inserts for the blushes and shadows if you want to keep them in these.
Below is a picture of the inserts

In closing, I am not sure that I will convert to these, I will have to see how I like them once I have used this one for a little bit.

Until the next one :)
Thanks for reading

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